Stupid Spam Calls

So I’m starting to really get sick of these market terms phoning and offering deals on website building promotions, mobile apps, Port even digital advertising. I just had a phone call not long ago of the guy who is trying to sell me digital marketing. What he told me what you was selling I just went on a five minute rent about how use one these companies are because 98 percent of the time they just see a website don’t phone in not even take a look at what the even sell, offer, or specialized in. I have had the Blitz rocks for about two years now and it isn’t till the last 6 months its getting worse and worse. These companies need to do research before they phone and then get absolutely backtrack when he start asking questions or when he start ranting to him about how they don’t even know why my services are.

Here’s a quick little story that happened to me about a month ago. I had somebody phone me in start trying to sell me a website special, I did ask him if he’s been to the website and he goes no. I didn’t reply back to him and somehow to sell your product to me when you don’t even know what my product is or even what my website looks like? He then proceeded to typo the address to actually visit my website and see what it actually was. After that he then I’m try to approach me again to sell me his products so I smart off in said is your Prada that where I can basically login then do my story press Send and off I go? He goes well it’s a little bit more complicated than that but….. By report his answer was I need something quick fast in easy which this website kids me more than anything that I can possibly to ask for. He hung up on me.

It just shows that people are willing to skip anybody and everybody to make a few dollars. And when you call me to scan dollars out of, make sure you know what you’re talking about and make sure you have all answers that I have? Just remember one thing come walk with us.


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